Our Latest Adventures

  • CAMUS Borderies XO Family Reserve - The perfect tasting mastering Cognac

    There is an art to tasting Cognac and you’d be surprised to know that tasting Cognac is a more complex matter than tasting wine.

    First of all, compared with wine, the color of a Cognac is of little importance for the quality and even worse, it could distract the taster.

    Experts recommend a tulip-shaped glass which allows the Cognac to retain its delicate aroma and to release it slowly.

  • Cognac and gastronomy: Our secret for your end-of-year celebration

    We know cognac primarily as an after dinner, or even as a base ingredient for cocktails as for many recipes such as Sidecar. 

    Frédéric Dezauzier, ambassador of the House of Camus, presents you a new way to drink Cognac, with 6 courses and cognac pairings to help you discover this spirit when planning your meals.

  • You are unique, your cognac too!

    Les Ateliers Camus, a jewel of our  craftsmanship, would like to allow you to add a further, emotional dimension to your gifts. That’s why we have developed an exclusive personalized engraving service for you. Whether you want to celebrate an event or a loved one, say it with your words. Add your message to your favorite Cognac to make it unique. 

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