Our Latest Adventures

  • The history of the Sidecar - Cocktail

    It was in 1931 that the Sidecar cocktail was born. You would tell us that a Sidecar is above all a motorcycle with a 3rd wheel. And we would agree with you, because in fact the Sidecar cocktail takes its name exactly from this...

    Make your own Sidecar at home with this complete kit that will allow you to create the most intensely aromatic cocktail, as good as if it had been made by the best bartenders! A great gift idea for the end of the year celebrations!

  • A unique experience - A CAMUS mini-set purchased, a free Webinar!

    On December 10th 2020, CAMUS is offering a tasting session called "Know your Cognac".
    Free with the purchase of a mini-set, you will get access to a VIP tasting, through a Webinar with Frédéric Dezauzier, Ambassador of the House of CAMUS.
    A glass of cognac in your hand, deep dive into the secrets of this wonderful spirit, for 30 minutes of discovery and learning!
  • The perfect Sidecar Cocktail Kit at Home

    At CAMUS, we have been working on a ready-to-use solution to easily create one of the most iconic Cognac-based cocktails at home: The Perfect Sidecar.

    Together with our Cognac we have combined a Triple Sec with sweet citrus notes - that of DeKuyper - and a fresh lemon. We have included a professional shaker and a manual with the secrets to create the cocktail at its perfection, step by step. All this packaged in a ready-to-use box that allows you to make up to 14 cocktails at a truly unbeatable price.

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