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  • @KarinShibata, about the French Connection

    The French Connection Kit is a great gift-experience idea! The beautiful box (made of recycled paper), the creative design and the organoleptic experience are an invitation to travel. 

    It reminds me, the pleasure felt when discovering and wrapping oneself in a cashmere from another French house famous for its silks.

    The comparison seems astonishing but the sensations are similar: discovering an aesthetic, surprising, sophisticated product with particular attention to details and the signature of an iconic French Maison.

  • Return to Saint-Aulaye: a Cognac, a history, a rebirth

    Return to Saint-Aulaye is the first Cognac produced every year from the last vineyards of Dordogne. 

    This Cognac is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the municipality of Saint-Aulaye and Maison CAMUS.

    The "Return to Saint-Aulaye" Cognac was distilled in 2016, a vintage of excellence. This Cognac is made from 100% Colombard grapes. A difficult grape variety to work with but one of the most sought after due to its aromatic profile. Return to Saint Aulaye comes from a small plot of 1.5 hectares. It is the culmination of a project for the rediscovery and protection of a unique terroir.

  • 5 legends about the origin of the word cocktail

    We all love to enjoy a nice cocktail with friends, family, at home, on a terrace, on the beach... Have you ever wondered about the origin of this drink?

    The English etymology is clear: the "cock tail" refers to a composition with multiple colours, and therefore various ingredients combined in a colourful presentation.

    The cocktail appeared around 1800. On May 13th, 1806 an American newspaper, the Balance and Columbian Repository, published what we consider today as its birth certificate: "Cocktail is a stimulating drink, made of all kinds of spirits, sugars, water and bitters". 

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