Our Latest Adventures

  • Maison Camus - The last independent House of Cognac

    Founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus, CAMUS has always highly valued its freedom, cherishing the family character of the business and hence preserving its independence.

    Five generations have each taken over from its predecessors to establish the reputation of CAMUS, decade after decade, with one shared conviction: to pass on its passion, heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence.

  • The Maison Camus Instensity® distillation method - A unique process

    Our patented «INSTENSITY» distillation method allows us the select the most aromatic fractions of liquid out of the second distillation, rich in esters and responsible for intense fruity aromas.

    Thanks to this unique production technique, our cognacs are up to 7 times more aromatic vs. standard distillation.

    This one of CAMUS Cognacs’ many trade secrets is the fruit of 15 years of labor in research and development, with the ultimate aim to offer the consumer unmatched realms of excellence, character and aromatic intensity that can truly be measured and proven.

  • @WhiskyHebdo, Master Blender for a morning

    In the middle of a dark and mysterious cellar, you will find yourself alone, surrounded by barrels filled with the rarest and most noble liquids. Only a few candles will light your way, but your eyes will not guide you ... Like a master blender, you will immerse all your senses in this ancestral art of creating cognac. 

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