Our Latest Adventures

  • A vertical tasting at home

    The floral aromas - deriving from the high concentration of terpenes - are fresh and vegetal in our VSOP but become more pungent and spicy with the aromatic evolution of our XO or Extra.

    The fruity aromas - generated by the high strength of the esters - are fresh and exotic in the VSOP, but turn towards more complex, buttery aromas with the maturation of the XO until reaching sensations of candied fruit with the Extra.

  • Why Caribbean Expedition is a primacy in Cognac category (Ep. 2/2)

    The secrets behind Tropical Maturation

    After an adventurous journey of 45 days (read the previous post), Caribbean Expedition barrels landed in Bridgetown to be entrusted to Mr. Richard Seale, Master Distiller of the historic Rum House Foursquare, for a further year of maturation in tropical climate conditions.

  • Why Caribbean Expedition is a primacy in Cognac category (Ep. 1/2)

    The secrets behind Oceanic Maturation

    The unique maturation of CAMUS Caribbean Expedition Cognac is the result of two distinctive steps highly influencing its aromatic profile, happening over the course of a year and a half between the Atlantic Ocean and the island of Barbados.

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