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  • Production process of Ile de Ré Fine Island

    The first distillation takes place in larger pot stills, as the aim is to concentrate the liquid, while for the second only small stills are used. By carrying out the second distillation in small batches using small copper pots, it is possible to closely monitor the rate of reflux within the stills and manage the degree of interaction between the vapour and the copper. The relatively tall and slim necks of these small stills ensure that heavy and oily compounds remain in the pot during distillation, resulting in a very light and smooth spirit.
  • Ile de Ré Fine Island - A journey of the senses

    CAMUS Île de Ré Fine Island is a unique example of a single-cru Cognac with a distinctive aromatic profile, which is indisputably linked to its origin: smooth yet fresh and crisp, naturally iodine-rich, with typical marine notes.

    Remember the wonderful feeling you have walking down the beach, breathing in clean, invigorating sea air? You will find all that, and so much more, in your Ile de Ré Fine Island: a very distinctive, very approachable, very pleasurable Cognac.

  • Best Cognacs and aperitifs pairings

    Cognac can be enjoyed neat, on ice, in cocktails, but it can also be served during aperitif, and can sublime many dishes. From land to sea, here are our suggestions for food and cognac pairings. Imagine aperitifs that are out of the ordinary and that will delight your taste buds and feast your eyes...

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