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Article: The Maison Camus Instensity® distillation method - A unique process

La méthode de distillation de la Maison Camus « Instensity® » - Un processus de production unique et sur-mesure

The Maison Camus Instensity® distillation method - A unique process


A new range of intensely aromatic cognacs

The cognac is a rare spirit appreciated all around the world. 

It is produced only in a small region of France, in Charente, where all cognac producers are devoted to the creation process. Each Cognac House has its specificity.

At Camus, we have been operating independently since 1863 upholding the same uncompromising philosophy of a family five generations strong.

We are craftsmen of an extraordinary passion, engaged in a relentless quest for  the utmost refinement.

We embrace the strengths of our traditions, while remaining at the forefront of science to always reach new levels of intensity in the aromas of our cognacs.

As an independent House, CAMUS continues to renew itself and explore the boundaries of cognac-making, with ever more surprising organoleptic profiles that harmoniously combine sophistication with refinement.

In 2019, the House of CAMUS’ patented, bespoke distillation process called ̋Instensity ̋, which is exclusively performed by hand to allow extreme precision.

Our patented «INSTENSITY» distillation method allows us to select the most aromatic fractions of liquid out of the second distillation, rich in esters and responsible for intense fruity aromas.

Thanks to this unique production technique, our cognacs are up to 7 times more aromatic vs. standard distillation.

This one of CAMUS Cognacs’ many trade secrets is the fruit of 15 years of labor in research and development, with the ultimate aim to offer the consumer unmatched realms of excellence, character and aromatic intensity that can truly be measured and proven.

Continuously investing in research has enabled the House to innovate and keep its pioneering status, for example creating Cognacs with unforeseen finishes.

In 2017, CAMUS was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label which acknowledges French companies for their craftsmanship and excellence, but also their technical prowess and commitment to quality.

We invite you to explore the world of elegant bottles and intense aromas, dedicated to the pleasure of those who appreciate the best things !



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