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Article: Maison Camus - The last independent House of Cognac

Maison Camus - La dernière Maison d’excellence familiale et indépendante

Maison Camus - The last independent House of Cognac

Founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus, CAMUS has always highly valued its freedom, cherishing the family character of the business and hence preserving its independence.

Standing out from the other great Cognac Houses, CAMUS has a unique style of entrepreneurship.

Five generations have each taken over from its predecessors to establish the reputation of CAMUS, decade after decade, with one shared conviction: to pass on its passion, heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence. Each descendant - with the same desire for innovation and to make CAMUS one of the most prestigious Cognac names - has left his mark on the brand.

CAMUS has existed since 1863 and stands out for its unconditional search for intensity in its cognacs. And it is exaclty in the estate of "Borderies" that we draw our difference and uniqueness...

The House of CAMUS is at the head of the greatest estate in the Borderies area, owning 188 hectares (465 acres) of vineyards within this small, historical and most sought- after cru.

Covering only 5% of the Cognac Appellation’s total surface, the Borderies cru is a true gem.

Strongly commended by the most qualified experts for the extraordinary rare clay-limestone structure of its soil, this terroir grows grapes that are highly concentrated in terpenols - components which contribute deep floral aromas to the eaux-de-vie. The Borderies cru is exceptional, quite different from the limestone terroirs of Grande and Petite Champagne.

We are one of the only large Houses today to produce a single-cru Borderies Cognac from grapes grown entirely on our family estate.

Borderies is the ultimate choice of excellence, and yet another distinguishing mark for our House: a terroir, the essence of which is to be found in each of our Cognacs.


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