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Article: @WhiskyHebdo, Master Blender for a morning

@whiskyhebdo, Master Blender pour une matinée

@WhiskyHebdo, Master Blender for a morning

By Samuel Monthuley, Instagram account owner @WhiskyHebdo

If you are, like me, a cognac lover and passionate about spirits in general, you must have already had a dream like the one I am going to tell you about today. A dream come true for me thanks CAMUS "Master Blender" workshop.

In the middle of a dark and mysterious cellar, you will find yourself alone, surrounded by barrels filled with the rarest and most noble liquids. Only a few candles will light your way, but your eyes will not guide you ... Like a master blender, you will immerse all your senses in this ancestral art of creating cognac. You will close your eyes, focus your mind on the flavors that gently escape from the four glasses lined up in front of you. Each tulip contains another Camus XO with very similar and yet very different characteristics. It's up to you to find the right balance. Your balance.

Little by little, the room will fill with the smell of aged cognac. And the leaf on the table will contain more and more notes: red fruits, flowers, wood, chocolate, vanilla, caramel… Borderies, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois.

What will your recipe be? Your formula? Your heritage in the cellars of the great Camus brand? Will you opt for a predominantly floral blend? Or will you prefer woody aromas? Why not seek a balance between the two, adding a gourmet and fruity touch? The possibilities are limitless, and you will be the master of your blend.

Over the course of the workshop, you will refine your recipe, adding some liquid, removing a few milliliters up to get your own blend, sealed with your signature.

Whatever your creation will be, you will leave this cellar:

  • Enriched, above all, by a privileged learning moment, thanks to the support of a true master blender.
  • Also enriched with a new sensory experience, during which you will have put at work your five senses, and more.
  • Enriched, finally, with the first bottle of Camus XO created by you, labelled by hand and protected by its pretty wooden box. Your own little cellar, in a way ...


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