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The CAMUS XO finds its roots in the French “Arts de la Table”


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What is cognac ?

The fruit of centuries of knowledge and a unique terroir, cognac enjoys a vast international reputation but paradoxically remains sometimes unknown in France. CAMUS cognacs rely on five generations of expertise and passion to offer you exceptional spirits. Discover the secrets of this refined eau-de-vie, called "liquor of the gods" by Victor Hugo.

Cognac is a wine brandy made exclusively from grapes renowned for their aromatic complexity and grown in the region of the same name. The know-how required to produce cognac is listed in the French Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory. This amber-colored drink also benefits from an appellation of controlled origin (AOC), protected by French law. In addition to the origin, it imposes three main criteria:
• Cognac must be produced from grape varieties with specific characteristics, such as Ugni Blanc or Folle Blanche.
• A double distillation must be carried out in a copper still.
•It must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum period of two years.

These requirements allow the cognac to capture the fruity and authentic aromas of the grape. The result is an exceptional spirit, rich and intense.

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L'histoire du Cognac

The story of cognac

Discover the fabulous history of cognac, a French spirit that has passed the centuries to become one of the most important drinks. Pure, on the rocks or as a long drink, the rich history of cognac can be found in every tasting.

Cognac production process

The manufacture of cognac

The quintessence of the brandy category, cognac is distinguished by its specific manufacturing method. Distillation is carried out according to the principle of discontinuous distillation or double distillation (known as Charentaise). This method consists of a succession of two stages called "chauffe": the first "chauffe" refers to the distillation of the wine (and possibly its lees) which allows us to obtain the brouillis (distillate with an alcohol content of approximately 30% vol.); the second "chauffe" or "bonne chauffe" refers to the distillation of the brouillis and allows us to obtain the Cognac eau-de-vie. CAMUS uses its own patented distillation method called INTENSITY. It allows us, during the second distillation, to select the most aromatic fractions of liquid. Rich in esters, they are responsible for the intense fruity aromas of our premium cognacs.

Then comes the ageing in oak barrels, allowing the cognac to naturally gain in flavor. The drink then obtains its particular color. The next step is the reduction. It consists in adding a certain quantity of water in the brandy to decrease the alcohol level to about 40%. Finally, the cellar master blends the eaux-de-vie to create a unique product.

Buying guide to choose your cognac

Which cognac to buy online ?

Unlike whisky, whose age is indicated by numbers, cognac uses letters for its different categories.

Cognac VS stands for "Very Special". Here, the youngest eau-de-vie used for the blend has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The VS cognacs signed CAMUS are distinguished by intensely fruity aromas with hints of spices. In search of audacity ? CAMUS Ile de Ré Fine Island offers unique iodine notes.

Although it is often called "Very Special Old Pale", VSOP Cognac actually stands for "Very Superior Old Pale". For a cognac to be classified as VSOP, the youngest eau-de-vie in its blend must be at least four years old. While VS Cognacs are fresh and lively, VSOPs offer sweeter aromas of oak and spices, like the Cognac CAMUS VSOP. The amateurs of mineral notes will turn to the CAMUS Dark & Stormy.

Finally, the Cognac XO ("Extra Old") describes an exceptional cognac made from eaux-de-vie aged for at least ten years in oak barrels. Composed from our best eaux-de-vie, CAMUS XO offers the perfect balance between subtle tannins and highly aromatic components. As for the CAMUS Cognac XO Borderies Single Estate, it is a true luxury cognac, revealing intense aromas of pastries with a touch of cinnamon and dried fruits.

With five generations of shared heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence, CAMUS cognacs offer an intensity of superior quality. These spirits of character benefit from a patented distillation method that has been scientifically proven to produce the most intensely aromatic cognacs in the category. To be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, they invite you into a world of refined creations and intense aromas.

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