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Article: @KarinShibata, about the French Connection

@KarinShibata, à propos du French Connection

@KarinShibata, about the French Connection

By Karin Shibata, Instagram account owner @KarinShibata


Cognac, especially when it is of high quality, is not necessarily associated with the idea of being included in a cocktail, at least in France.

In its country of origin it has a traditional image, unlike in other countries where Cognac is commonly drunk in cocktails. 

The French Connection Kit is ideal to learn how to create a cocktail.

It also makes us discover an original Cognac of Maison Camus "Ile de Ré, Fine Island" and the artisanal, Amaretto Adriatico.

It contains two bottles, a tumbler glass, a professional cocktail spoon and a booklet to discover the secrets of the perfect recipe.

These quality accessories make all the difference in making and enjoying a cocktail. 


The French Connection ? 

To learn more about the origins of the French Connection, you can read the article written earlier, as well as my blog post

The cocktail is very easy to make, with only two ingredients and ice.

The simplicity of the recipe requires quality ingredients with pure flavours which blend harmoniously.

Camus has chosen a Cognac from the "Ile de Ré" collection to give this cocktail a touch of originality. 

The Amaretto Adriatico was selected for its authenticity, the quality of its ingredients, its double sugar content and its hint of salt. 


An initiation to the art of Mixology?

You can make up to 14 cocktails, easily. So why not add your own personal twist, by sculpting a zest of orange (or other citrus fruits) to add aromas and decorate the glass, try different dosages, or various shapes of ice cubes... 


An invitation to travel

The beautiful box (made of recycled paper), the creative design and the organoleptic experience are an invitation to travel. 

It reminds me, the pleasure felt when discovering and wrapping oneself in a cashmere from another French house famous for its silks (Hermès).

The comparison seems astonishing but the sensations are similar: discovering an aesthetic, surprising, sophisticated product with particular attention to details and the signature of an iconic French Maison.


We discover both Maison Camus and its family history, part of the French heritage, its authenticity, its quest for excellence, but also its refined creations, such as "Ile de Ré" Fine Island", combining traditional and innovative know-hows.

The gourmet and enveloping cocktail is a travel from Puglia (southern Italy, the heel of the boot) to French Ré Islands... 

The almond flavours and sweetness of the Amaretto Adriatico mingle with salty, seaside-like marine notes of this creative Maison Camus Cognac.


A great gift-experience idea! 


Order your French Connection Kit now!


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