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Article: Return to Saint-Aulaye: a Cognac, a history, a rebirth

Retour à Saint-Aulaye : un Cognac, une histoire, une renaissance

Return to Saint-Aulaye: a Cognac, a history, a rebirth


This Cognac is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the municipality of Saint-Aulaye and Maison CAMUS.


The Terroir and its history

The village of Saint-Aulaye has appeared in the delimited Cognac production area since 1909, even before the officialization of the AOC in 1936.

The origin of Cognac production in this region goes back centuries. It is documented for the first time in 1785 in the topographical maps of Pierre de Belleyme.

The progressive change in the agricultural landscape of the Dordogne region led to a decline in Cognac production towards the middle of the last century, to the point where it was running the risk of disappearing entirely.

By the early 1990s, the total surface planted with vineyards for Cognac was reduced by more than 90%, which had a severe impact on the survival of its production in this specific area.

It was in 1999 that the Town Hall of Saint-Aulaye decided to take action by replanting 1.5-hectare in order to preserve the appellation and thus participate in the safeguard of this unique heritage.

The Town Hall of Saint-Aulaye then turned to Maison CAMUS, as an ideal partner. Thanks to the brand’s credentials on research and innovation in the category, CAMUS would craft a Cognac to bring to life the real essence of the terroir, giving life to the "Return to Saint-Aulaye" Cognac.

This limited edition is produced from the village of Saint-Aulaye’s last vineyards.


« Return to Saint-Aulaye » Cognac

The « Return to Saint-Aulaye » Cognac was distilled in 2016, a vintage of excellence. This Cognac is made from 100% Colombard grapes. A difficult grape variety to work with but one of the most sought after due to its aromatic profile. Return to Saint Aulaye comes from a small plot of 1.5 hectares. It is the culmination of a project for the rediscovery and protection of a unique terroir.

A single-cru, single-varietal Cognac, truly unique!

As per CAMUS tradition, wines were distilled on the lees in small copper stills of 2500 liters. The selection of heads during the second distillation was limited to 10 liters with high aromatic potential. The eaux-de-vie matured in fine-grained oak barrels from the Double forest surrounding the Saint-aulaye village.

Half of the barrels were new, and half were second-fill, in order to obtain subtle woody aromas and preserve the aromatic freshness of the Cognac. During the whole maturation process, the barrels laid in the tower of the Saint-Aulaye castle, in a damp atmosphere.


Enjoy a unique tasting profile

Let yourself be transported by its golden color with amber highlights.

The rich and distinctive nose of this Cognac will develop fragrant fruity notes of pear and pineapple with a touch of spice.

On the palate, you will find warm and lavish vanilla aromas with hints of ginger and walnut.

This gourmet Cognac will pair perfectly with a toast of foie-gras during aperitif or with a crème brûlée for dessert.


For more information

Limited edition - 3,000 bottles.

Available online at a price of €112.




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