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“We bring beauty and refinement to create emotions and pleasure.”

We accomplish this by seeking the exceptional in every product and experience we offer.

We are perfectionists , seeking ultimate refinement with sincerity, passion and determination. Our enemy is mediocrity.

We craft the finest cognac in the world, for those who savor the finer things in life.

The largest independent family house since 1863

Since 1863, when the brand was created by Jean-Baptiste CAMUS, five values, namely: passion, ambition, determination, perfectionism, sincerity have been brought together to found an entity. Inseparable and complementary, these values ​​illustrate, together, the uniqueness of the greatest Cognac House.

Since 1863, five generations of men bearing the name “CAMUS” have passed the reins from father to son. It was first Jean-Baptiste CAMUS, the founder, then his two sons, Edmond and Gaston, the famous “CAMUS Brothers” whose names are still engraved on the labels of respectable bottles in museums and private collections. After them came Michel, son of Gaston, who was succeeded by Jean-Paul, then Cyril. One after the other, each of them shaped the destiny of the company in step with the evolution of the world, its geopolitical developments, its economic revolutions, its technical inventions... and taking into account the tastes of the times .

Since 1863, “CAMUS” has been the name of a family of quite enterprising French winegrowers who raised the Maison du Cognac alongside the English and Irish dynasties established in the lands of Cognac centuries earlier.

Since 1863, “CAMUS” has embodies a continuous epic that draws on its immutable roots to orient itself and find inspiration, arousing beauty and refinement, symbols of a true Living Tradition.



CAMUS La Grande Marque was founded by Jean-Baptiste Camus.


Gaston Camus made the brand the official supplier to the Tsar of Russia.


CAMUS enters the Duty-Free market and becomes leader there thanks to Michel Camus.


Jean-Paul Camus consolidates the ownership of Domaines CAMUS in the Borderies region.


Release of the CAMUS Borderies XO Single Estate and EXTRA Elegance.

Cyril Camus

The fifth generation

Now led by the fifth generation, Cyril Camus combines know-how and advanced distillation techniques to elevate the craft of cognac to a higher level, driven by the mission to bring beauty and refinement for the pleasure of those who appreciate the most beautiful things in life.