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Episode #006

Thierry Malikian (Le Calbar, Paris) meets Clement Bouvier (Ursus, Tignes)

Nestled in the Savoy alps, between forests and mountain peaks, Ursus is a 1 Michelin Star restaurant whose cuisine is inspired by foraging. Chef Clement Bouvier loves to walk in the woods near his restaurant to pick up wild herbs and berries and create plates with these. We decided to bring in the bartender Thierry Malikian and let the 2 work together on a plate inspired by the taste of the mountain.

Chef Bouvier worked on a smoked lavaret fillet, seasoned with local wood sorrel and fennel flower.

To complement these earthy and smoky flavors, Thierry Malikian decided to create a twist on an Old-Fashioned, with our VSOP, homemade gingerbread syrup and a garnish of smoked and dried betel leaf.

A perfect pairing to warm up cold evenings covered in snow!

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