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Welcome to CAMUS, a family-run and independent Cognac House since 1863.
To introduce you to the uncompromising philosophy of its fifth generation;

the passion that drives us,

our quest for absolute refinement,

the strength of our traditions, 

our perpetual search to constantly bring our Cognacs to new heights of aromatic intensity,

I invite you to enter the world of one of the most emblematic Cognac Houses, rooted in the heart of the Borderies, through four CAMUS Masterclasses.

These Masterclasses are for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of Cognac and the Daring to be Exceptional philosophy upheld by CAMUS for more than 150 years.

You will not be a visitor among visitors.
I have designed these Masterclasses for you, alongside a team of women and men whom I entrust daily with the delicate work of winemaking, a craft which requires rigor, attention to detail, mastery, thoroughness, patience and perhaps above all, humility…

Each Masterclass will take place in a different emblematic venue of the CAMUS Universe allowing you to become totally immersed into the heart of our craft and our passion, accompanied by our Ambassadors and technicians.

During a dinner specially curated by a Michelin-starred Chef, you will discover how the our Cognacs' myriad of flavors, aromas and colors are accentuated by clever food pariring.

In November at La Gîte – family estate in the heart of the Borderies.

In November at the Distillery, at the height of the distillation period.

In December, surrounded the angels’ share in Cellar N° 3.

In January at the Château du Plessis, beneath the dome that has witnessed the creation of our most exceptional bottles.

I hope that these Masterclasses will bring you as much pleasure as I will have in welcoming you to our House.