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Episode #007

Christopher Gaglione (Solera, Paris) meets Davy Tissot (Saisons, Lyon)

This episode is dedicated to one of the real gem of French gastronomy, Lyon.

We decided to pay hommage to one of the real culinary institution of the region, the Paul Bocuse institute : a center for food & hospitality research, hosting the Michelin-starred restaurant Saisons.

We brought to Lyon Christopher Gaglione, owner of Solera Bar in Paris, to meet Davy Tissot, talented chef of the restaurant, and play around some of the most representative ingredients of the region.

Chef Tissot proposed a recipe based upon the Bresse Pigeon with roasted salsify and girolle mushrooms, all braised together with tobacco leaves.

Christopher Gaglione worked around these aromas, mixing up our CAMUS Very Special with Apricot and Peach liqueurs and Passion Fruit purée, all garnished with fresh mint leaves, strawberry, blackberry, and slightly smoked with hickory.

An interesting combination of earthy and roasted flavours, paired with a cocktail boasting a fresh kick

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