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Episode #005
Christopher Gaglione (Solera, Paris) meets Christopher Coutanceau (Restaurant Coutanceau, La Rochelle)
For this episode, we are in for a trip to the west coast of France, in the picturesque city of La Rochelle. We bring with us from Paris Christopher Gaglione, creative bartender strongly committed to cocktail design, to meet Christopher Coutanceau, chef and fisherman, recently awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.

Fish is king here, so chef Coutanceau proposes a combination of langoustine, oysters and vanets, with a tingling touch of shiso sprout and zesty notes of combava.

To pair this creation, Christopher Gaglione chooses a clash of fruity flavours, mixing up our VSOP, citrus fruit juice, peach cream and cranberry juice, adding a iodine note with an emulsion of seawater.

A perfect match, inspired by the taste of the Atlantic.

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chefs and bartenders camus cognac cocktails
chefs and bartenders camus cognac cocktails