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Article: A unique experience - A CAMUS mini-set purchased, a free Webinar!

Vivez un moment unique - Un mini-set CAMUS acheté, un Webinar offert !

A unique experience - A CAMUS mini-set purchased, a free Webinar!

Cognacs are spirits made from a blend of eaux-de-vie that belong to different vintages. 
Their production is unique in the sense that it can happen only in a very specific and delimited geographical area, designated by an Appellation (AOC).

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A unique discovery experience!
On December 10th 2020, CAMUS is offering a tasting session called "Know your Cognac".
Free with the purchase of a mini-set, you will get access to a VIP tasting, through a Webinar with Frédéric Dezauzier, Ambassador of the House of CAMUS.
A glass of cognac in your hand, deep dive into the secrets of this wonderful spirit, for 30 minutes of discovery and learning!

More information :
Masterclass: Know your Cognac
Video-conference tasting - 12/10/2020
In English at 7.30 p.m.CET and in French at 6.30 p.m.CET, with the presence of Frédérique Dezauzier, Ambassador of CAMUS
30 minutes of free masterclass
Inscription : Purchase a mini-set CAMUS, and receive your VIP access.

Find our mini-sets:

One of the best ways to discover the different cognacs is to taste them! For this, Maison Camus has developed 2 mini-sets:

A perfect gateway to discover the Intensely Aromatic style of CAMUS core range: the floral scents of VSOP, the balanced woody notes of XO, the lavish aromas of EXTRA.

The signature of the house of CAMUS: the most authentic expression of Borderies Cru, with our VSOP and XO; produced from grape to glass in the family estate.


Meet us on December 10th , 2020 at 7.30 p.m CET if you want to "Know your Cognac".


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