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Article: The history of the Sidecar - Cocktail

L'histoire du Sidecar - Cocktail

The history of the Sidecar - Cocktail

The history behind the "Sidecar" cocktail and its most special ingredient, Cognac….

It was in 1931 that the Sidecar cocktail was born. You would tell us that a Sidecar is above all a motorcycle with a 3rd wheel. And we would agree with you, because in fact the Sidecar cocktail takes its name exactly from this...

After serving in the First World War in the Royal Navy Air Service, Harry MacElhone became a bartender in London in 1919.

Keen to experiment new concoctions, he invented the “White Lady”, which would become in the years a very successful cocktail.

In 1921 Harris worked at the New York Bar in Paris as head bartender. After working there for 3 years, he bought the bar and renamed it Harry’s New York Bar.

Later, in 1931, he created a variant that was as perfect as it was balanced with Gin, replacing this with Cognac.

Harry baptized this cocktail “Sidecar”, in homage to his former captain of the First World War, who traveled in this particular vehicle.

It should be noted that the Sidecar cocktail is one of the first trendy cocktails and has allowed cocktails culture to spread over, especially in France.

At Camus, we wanted to bring the Sidecar cocktail up to date. And to reproduce the best Sidecar at home, discover our Sidecar Kit in our E-shop.

Make your own Sidecar at home with this complete kit that will allow you to create the most intensely aromatic cocktail, as good as if it had been made by the best bartenders! A great gift idea for the end of the year celebrations!

The Sidecar kit contains:

  • a bottle of Very Special 70cl
  • a bottle of Triple Sec De Kuyper 35cl
  • a professional shaker
  • a fresh lemon vacuum-packed
  • a booklet to discover the secrets of the perfect recipe

Just add ice and you're good to go!

Have you already bought your kit? Share your creation on Instagram with the #CamusCognac!

The Sidecar kit gives you the possibility to create up to 14 cocktails.


Available on the E-shop:

Price: 59 euros including tax

Sidecar Cocktail Kit      

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