The Sidecar, by Camus Cognac

By Valentin Cotton, Instagram account owner @Winepoetry_ 

A cocktail means often travelling in time, and also discovering spirits from another perspective. It also represents a state of mind, like being in a cozy bar with a subdued atmosphere, epitomizing a moment of relaxation.

One of the problems with cocktail making is that it can be sometimes tedious to make at home. One of the ingredients is often missing, execution can be time-consuming, so that often we leave cocktail consumption to bar visits. Complicated during this period as you can imagine ....

This is where Maison Camus comes in with this great idea: to provide a complete kit allowing the preparation of one of the most emblematic Cognac-based cocktails, the "Sidecar". All-inclusive is really the right term here, as apart from the ice, everything is provided inside the kit, even a shaker! I was also pleased that the Cognac comes in a nice 70cl size, so that it's not just a sample to test the cocktail.

The Sidecar really allows you to discover cognac in a different way. Because of the history of this cocktail - you can read the article previously written on this subject - it's really fascinating! A now century-old cocktail!

Once the ice, lemon, triple sec and cognac are in the shaker, all that's left is to put the cocktail in the glass and… enjoy!

The texture is creamy and smooth to the eye. The balance in the mouth is perfect, the lemon giving a very pleasant salivating side. Aromas of spices such as cinnamon, pepper, as well as toasted notes are extremely pleasant. The cocktail is velvety and makes you want to sink into a Chesterfield while reading a good book, or just chatting with friends!

For my part, I will stop at the difficulty of organizing a cocktail party for the reasons mentioned above : but with this kit everything is within easy reach. You just have to have fun. And for a very modest price! It’s a total success! Now I'm going back, I have a cocktail to finish!

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