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Article: Best Cognacs and aperitifs pairings

Le cognac s’invite à l'apéritif

Best Cognacs and aperitifs pairings

Cognac can be enjoyed neat, on ice, in cocktails, but it can also be served during aperitif, and can sublime many dishes. From land to sea, here are our suggestions for food and cognac pairings. Imagine aperitifs that are out of the ordinary and that will delight your taste buds and feast your eyes...


Ile de Ré Fine Island - 39 euros

This single growth cognac, made from eaux-de-vies distilled and aged on Île de Ré island, reveals a world of unexpected aromas, flavours and a true personality because of the maritime influence.

Naturally iodine-rich with a lively, dry palate, Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island cognacs respect, as faithfully as possible, the extraordinary personality of the island’s eaux-de-vie, while offering the outstanding smoothness and fruity aromas of fine cognacs. 

The iodine, floral and fruity profile will go well with fresh goat cheese, oysters, sushi and raw fish. 

 Camus Cognac Ile de Ré

Return to Saint-Aulaye - 112 euros

Our latest creation is a small-batch single cru Cognac produced from the last vineyards of Dordogne, exclusively from Colombard grapes. This Cognac was distilled in 2016 and bottled in its fourth year of ageing. 

This limited edition cognac expresses fruity and honey aromas, it will be delicious with fresh foie gras served with fresh figs and pâté en croûte. 



VSOP - 45 euros

CAMUS VSOP is an intensely aromatic cognac, with a floral and fruity profile with notes of oak, spice and vanilla. These aromas are derived from a careful selection of the eaux-de-vie reflecting the quintessential flavours of the Terroir, some of which coming from the renowned Cru of Borderies.

Its minerality and fruity roundness will go well with a dry and smoked Bayonne ham stuffed with hot prunes.



XO - 160 euros

CAMUS XO is the result of a careful selection of our best eaux-de-vie maturing for at least 10 years in small oak casks.

Its smooth, slightly woody profile is a perfect match for an assortment of dried white grapes, nuts and hazelnuts.



VSOP Borderies - 55 euros

CAMUS BORDERIES VSOP is a Single-Estate Cognac produced exclusively from CAMUS’ own magnificent vineyards in the very heart of the prestigious Borderies Appellation.

Borderies Cognacs are praised for their intensely aromatic profile and CAMUS BORDERIES VSOP is an invitation to a rare tasting experience.

The freshness and fresh stone fruits you will discover in this Cognac will pair perfectly with a spicy chorizo.



XO Borderies - 190 euros

CAMUS Borderies XO Family Reserve is a Single- Estate cognac produced exclusively from the CAMUS family’s private vineyards.

All the wines come from this magnificent estate, the largest in the Borderies area with vineyards surrounded by forests and naturally preserved areas.

Each barrel is unique. The wines from each parcel of the vineyard are distilled and aged in separate casks. During the ageing process CAMUS keeps each eau-de-vie separated. This allows the CAMUS Cellar Master to blend them to create this Intensely Aromatic, Single-Estate Cognac.

A delicate slice of Parma ham is the most appropriate dish to sublimate this Cognac, characterised by its rich, round and fragrant profile, with aromas of ripe fruits (pear), vanilla and gingerbread.


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