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Article: COGNAC CAMUS VSOP limited edition designed by Malik Roberts

COGNAC CAMUS VSOP édition limitée conçue par Malik Roberts

COGNAC CAMUS VSOP limited edition designed by Malik Roberts

Discover our limited collector's edition VSOP cognac designed by Malik Roberts.

Emotions evoked by the most aromatic cognac in the world personified in a Limited Edition Collector’s bottle designed by Malik Roberts.

The House of Camus in partnership with the multimedia artist, Malik Roberts, have partnered for a modern design to celebrate the contemporary and lively culture of Brooklyn, New York.

2022 CAMUS VSOP Limited Edition by Malik Roberts pays homage to Brooklyn culture: highlighting references from the iconic sights of the city and its people, presenting the scene of an elegantly dressed couple showcasing the emotions of enjoying a drink of Camus VSOP with the view of Brooklyn Bridge and more.

Like no other, this new Limited Edition is presented in an ebony black decanter and features a 360° view of the Malik’s masterpiece on the giftbox.

Remarkable mix of modernity and classic elegance, brilliant artistic and technical achievement, making this product an exquisite gift and an exceptional collectable centerpiece for any cognac connoisseur.

Celebrating a living tradition five generation strong, CAMUS is the only globally renowned cognac house to remain independent and entirely family owned since 1863.

The vision of the company aims at creating Cognacs which reflect the best from the terroir, with a constant quest for the utmost refinement.

Every single step in the production process takes no compromise, to ensure to create award- winnings cognacs of unrivaled intensity. The 3 key cornerstones of this process are:

Wines distilled with the lees: only the finest wines are selected and kept unfiltered, to extract their aroma-enhancing components.

Unique distillation process: exclusively hand distilled in small copper pot stills, using a highly precise, non-automated technique, to preserve the distillate’s most aromatic elements.

100% small cask aging: matured in lightly toasted small, fine grain barrels, to ensure a deeper reaction of the eaux-de-vie with the wood.

All the barrels used for the ageing are exclusively “fine grain” and low in tannins, thanks to the peculiar ‘French Light Toasting’ process, allowing to balance oakiness with fresh floral and fruity notes.

- Maturation: Fine-medium grain French oak cask (capacity 350 litres)

- Terroir: Cognac (a blend from the different crus of the appellation)

- Grape varieties: Ugni Blanc

- Ageing: minimum 4 years old for the youngest batches entering the blend

- Tasting: Ambient temperature (20°) or on ice

 Tasting notes:

COLOR: Elegant golden tint with amber undertones.

NOSE: A cascading profusion of fresh notes of tropical fruits, followed by generous floral tones.

PALATE: An exceptional mouthfeel bursting with lavish fruity notes accompanied by accents of exotic spices and vanilla.


- On the rocks, in a short tumbler glass

- In a Sidecar cocktail

MEDALS: Silver at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco


About the artist:

Malik Roberts (b. 1990, Brooklyn, NY) is a Brooklyn based painter and multimedia artist creating deconstructed portraits with controversial contemporary subjects, which explore the relationship between visual culture and reality today. Roberts often works with images and conventions recognizable from the media, that combines the influences of modern and pop art, the artist’s sophisticated compositions provoke engagement, inviting the viewer to consider the impact of visual media on the consumption of ideas in the Digital Age.

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