CAMUS COGNAC CUVÉE 4.160 (70cl - 41,6%)

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4.160 is the new edition and sixth opus in the exceptional Cuvée collection, a very limited batch of 784 decanters only. Each individual eau-de-vie selected to enter the composition of our Cuvées has its own character. Each took as much time as necessary to age and reveal its true aromas.

CAMUS COGNAC CUVÉE 4.160 blend of certified age includes the following vintages:

- 65% of 1988

Summer 1988 was a hot season, and the early maturing of the grapes led to a very aromatic crop that was harvested relatively early in the season. It features superb, subtle, sweet and spicy aromas with notes of dried fruit, hazelnut and ginger. Both the length it has on the palate and the “rancio” are exceptional.

- 19% of 1975 mono-cru Petite Champagne

1975 was one of the driest years in recent history and this vintage makes it a powerful cognac with crisp aromas. The distillation on the lees provides high ester levels, producing a sweet backbone with hints of dried fruit like plums, plum jam and dried figs

- 14% of 1970 mono-cru Borderies

This 1970 cognac from the Borderies vineyards was aged in a dry cellar to achieve a 41.3% alcohol content. An intense floral bouquet of aromatic notes on the palate is backed by long notes of dark chocolate, honey and panettone, which complement the smooth creaminess of the Borderies terroir.

- 2% of 1973

This unique 1973 vintage was initially aged in oak barrels in a damp cellar. Its intense aromatic profile and tannin levels provide strong notes of cedarwood, cardamom and dried almond to the final blend.


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