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Episode #004
Thierry Malikian (Le Calbar, Paris) meets Kei Kobayashi (Restaurant Kei, Paris)

From Bastille district to the Ier arrondissement, we deep dive into the city of Paris in the company of the eclectic bartender Thierry Malikian and chef Kei Kobayashi, professionally grown at the court of Mr. Alain Ducasse and recently awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.

Chef Kei plays around an unusual fruit Gazpacho, using white peach: the main ingredient, her majesty the langoustine, embellished by precious caviar.

Thierry Malikian answers to the chef’s challenge, proposing a clear and dry cocktail made of our Very Special previously infused with lemon thyme, sherry and bergamot liqueur.

The result is an explosion of seasonal flavours, mixing fruity and floral notes.

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