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Our range of XO Cognac

In the Cognac production area, lies the precious Borderies cru, the smallest in surface. With this prestigious enclave of north of Cognac vines, containing a true gustatory jewel, the CAMUS House cultivates this rarity. It is in this setting that, for five generations, it has been producing a variety of eaux-de-vie with a very particular bouquet of violets.

What does XO cognac mean ?

XO is an "eXtra Old" cognac, a nectar, particularly prized. It is also known as "Hors d'âge" or "Ancestor". Welcome to a world apart, out of time!

What is an XO cognac?

Since 2018, the official specifications for cognac producers have changed. Until then, to earn its "XO" designation, this cognac had to contain a blend of eaux-de-vie, the youngest of which had to be at least 6 years old. For the past four years, the precious eaux-de-vie have been aged for a minimum of 10 years in oak barrels before being included in this blend, reflecting a quest for absolute refinement. And thus to deserve this appellation sought after by connoisseurs.

The XO CAMUS cognac, adorned with its mahogany color, develops a powerful and elegant perfume. On the nose and in the mouth, Camus XO Le Cru des Borderies Cognac is synonymous with balance and harmony. Floral and fruity notes are combined with greedy notes thanks to the aromas of vanilla, pastry and dried fruits. Its velvety, almost creamy texture offers a persistent finish with exquisite notes of violets. The signature of its terroir and know-how of the House CAMUS, many times awarded and labeled EPV by the State.

What is the price of an XO cognac?

This outstanding beverage is available in two versions, both equally delightful:
• The CAMUS Cognac XO (40 % vol.) is as appealing to look at as it is to taste. Melt for its amber reflections and its exquisite aromas of pastry, dried fruits and spices! Count 162 euros for a 70 cl bottle, 200 euros for a liter.
• For an exceptional and rare moment, the CAMUS Cognac XO Borderies Single Estate (40% vol.) is a cognac coming exclusively from the private vineyard of the CAMUS family. Its exceptional aromatic palette, with gourmet and subtle notes of vanilla and cinnamon, will delight the most enlightened amateurs. Count 195 euros for 70 cl, 265 euros for a bottle of one liter.

How to taste an XO cognac ?

It is not necessary to retire to a smoking room with shiny woodwork to drink an XO cognac. It can be enjoyed in a variety of atmospheres. A cosy living room inviting to daydreaming, an aperitif with friends... Tasting an XO cognac at room temperature (20°), is to grant yourself an exceptional moment. XO CAMUS is best drunk dry, as an aperitif or digestive. It can also accompany oysters, raw fish or finish a meal with splendor. Its notes of pastry and spices will ideally match with the cocoa perfume.

In the CAMUS family, ask also for the youngest, the VS cognac, that "very special", or the middle one, the VSOP cognac ("Very Superior Old Pale"), respectively two and four years of aging. They are particularly suitable for fruity cocktails during the summer season.

To drink an XO CAMUS cognac is to open the doors to a refined and precious gustatory universe. With passion, we preserve the aromatic quintessence of our products. With the same passion, you will be able to taste its unique character, for a rare and intense moment of pleasure.