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Our VS Cognac range

The VS Cognac signed CAMUS combines fruity aromas and subtle tannins. Its rich flavors give it a unique rarity. What does "VS" mean? Discover what distinguishes this cognac from other spirits in the category.

What is a VS cognac?

"VS" stands for "Very Special". This classification of cognac can also be called "Selection", "De Luxe" or "3 Stars". If you see *** on the label of a bottle of cognac, it belongs to this age category. A VS cognac must be aged for at least two years. This ageing only concerns the youngest eau-de-vie used to create the blend. The blend can contain much older spirits.

During the aging process, the liquid takes on the color of wood, before finally adopting a straw yellow to light amber color. These cognacs have a fiery attack, witness of their youth. They offer pleasant fruity aromas, like our Cognac CAMUS Very Special (40%).

What is the difference between VS and VSOP cognac?

While VS must contain eau-de-vie aged for at least two years, VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) cognac must spend at least four years in casks. Unlike Very Special and its fruity, fresher and livelier aromas, VSOP cognacs tend to be sweeter, offering notes of oak and spices.

CAMUS Very Superior Old Pale Cognacs are distinguished by particularly intense floral aromas, especially with the CAMUS VSOP Cognac (40%). The blend of this cognac presents some of the best eaux-de-vie of the Borderies region.

What is the price of a VS cognac ?

Cognac is one of the most prestigious spirits in the world. This is why the price of some bottles can sometimes be impressive. Some vintages even reach six figures.

However, there are VS cognacs with spectacular flavors at an affordable price. Ideal for novices wishing to buy their first bottle, or spirits enthusiasts concerned about their expenses. For example, the Cognac Camus Very Special (40%) is proposed at a price of 49 € for the one liter bottle.

How to taste a VS cognac ?

The Very Special is the cognac of choice for making cocktails. With its lively and fruity aromas, it is the ideal base for cool and refreshing recipes. VS cognac is most often used in mix-drinks: tonic or ginger ale is added to bring out its freshness and woodiness in a refined way.

The Summit Cognac is a cocktail to enjoy your Very Special with elegance.

• 40 ml of cognac
• 4 slides of ginger
• zest of one lime
• 1 cucumber peel
• 60 ml of good lemonade

This cocktail is made directly from the glass. Start by placing 4 slices of ginger in rocks glasses. Crush them with a pestle or a spoon to bring out their aromas. Add ice cubes, then pour in the cognac. Slip the citrus peel into the glass. Top it off with lemonade and garnish with cucumber peel.

The Very Special can also be enjoyed dry or with ice in a tulip glass. Just note that its taste will be more pronounced than an older cognac.

The Cognac Very Special Camus offers the best of the appellation. Distilled with the lees and aged exclusively in small fine-grained French oak barrels, it captures the quintessential flavors of the Charente terroir.