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"More than ever, CAMUS is dedicated to meeting the expectations of the lovers of great spirits, thanks to strong values : the pursuit of excellence, the affirmation of a distinctive style, the transmission of a know-how, a constant questioning, to be The cognac of your unforgettable moments.

Explore a world of intense aromas, expression of a unique terroir.

Wines made with the greatest care, distillations with the lees in small traditional pot stills, casks slightly toasted... Discover the secrets of the CAMUS cognacs, subjects of a constant quest for the utmost taste and olfactory refinement, handed down from father to son since 1863."

Cyril CAMUS 



Founded in 1863 and still independent since then, at Camus we take pride in a production process precisely focused on creating intensely aromatic Cognacs, with no compromise in the making. 

We invite you to deep dive into each intriguing step of this creation, unleashing the genuine essence of the Terroir. 

Choose your bespoke favourite tasting session among a large selection exploring different provenances, vintages and special releases, including the possibility to create your very own blend of Cognac. With each tasting we offer you a guided tour of our family house, with an expert by your side conducting you behind the scenes of an alchemy made of intense aromas.

  • VERTICAL FINE ISLAND : Deep dive in a universe of unique Cognacs with a true maritime character.
  • HORIZONTAL INTENSE CLASSIC : Discover the alchemy of aging and its influence on our Cognac blends, pushed to the highest levels of aromatic intensity.
  • VERTICAL BORDERIES SIGNATURE : Explore the Camus family Estate at the heart of our DNA ; Borderies, the rarest and most exclusive cru of the Cognac area.
  • MASTER BLENDER : Become a Master Blender and create your very own Cognac XO, bringing back home a customized bottle to share with friends.


Visiting Conditions

The Visitor Center is currently closed. Reopening in Spring.

For more information, please contact


CAMUS Visitor Center
21, rue de Cagouillet – 16100 COGNAC
Tél : +33 (0)5 45 32 70 14