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Chefs & Bartenders is a program based on creative meetings between world renowned chefs and best in class mixologists. Each creative session connects two worlds apparently distant at a first glance – chefs are rigorous in their social presentation, bartenders are hip and funky ; nevertheless, this unique occasion puts together shared skills, showing how the world of high-end gastronomy and mixology are surprisingly close one to each other in a common creative vision, starting from the research for exclusive ingredients and ending up with the invention of stories to present plates or cocktails. Being on an unending quest for the ultimate textures and aromas, Chefs & Bartenders embody the same values of craftsmanship and attention for the utmost refinement as CAMUS, concentrating their efforts on the precision of the gesture: they are tastemakers and mavericks of our times.

Starting from our range of intensely aromatic Cognacs, we provide inspiration for these creative sessions, resulting in unique creations and contents that, one after the other, create a narration on how gastronomy relate intimately to cocktails.

Thierry Malikian (Le Calbar, Paris) meets Kei Kobayashi (Restaurant Kei, Paris)

Cristopher Gaglione (Solera, Paris) meets Cristopher Coutanceau (Restaurant Coutanceau, La Rochelle)

Thierry Malikian (Le Calbar, Paris) meets Clement Bouvier (Ursus, Tignes)

Cristopher Gaglione (Solera, Paris) meets Davy Tissot (Saisons, Lyon)

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