Project Camus Caribbean Expedition to be released 1st of September - Exclusivity

The wait is (almost) over: after 2 years since the beginning of the project, Camus Caribbean Expedition - a one-of-a-kind small batch Cognac with a double maturation in Oceanic and Tropical climates - will be released on the 1st of September 2020 for an exclusive pre-sale on

This unprecedented concept of Finish in highly distinctive environmental conditions is the fruit of an experimental vision by CAMUS looking at exploring the boundaries of Cognac-making to enhance the intensity of aromas.

In order to explore the opportunities guaranteed by oceanic maturation, at the end of 2018 CAMUS decided to load 10 sealed casks of Cognac – in its 4th year of ageing - on a classic tall ship sailing through the transatlantic route which leads to the island of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies.

The trip was secured thanks to the partnership with TOWT, a French Company still practicing traditional maritime transportation by wind propulsion.

After an adventurous journey of 45 days, the barrels landed in Bridgetown to be entrusted to Mr. Richard Seale, Master Distiller of the historic Rum House Foursquare, for a further year of maturation in tropical climate conditions.

During this period this Cognac has been exposed to multiple environmental factors, like motion and variation in temperature, humidity and air pressure, enhancing its intensely aromatic notes.

Over the next weeks we will tell you the story of this journey, the secrets behind Oceanic and Tropical maturation and reveal you the unique features of this small batch Cognac, with only 4500 bottles available from the 1st of September.