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This year, the Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award will pay tribute to the Cisneros family.

The Cisneros family through the Cisneros Group and the Fundacion Cisneros have a genuine impact on culture, art and education.

When creating this unique piece, les Ateliers Camus have mingled cognac, art and the story of an entrepreneurial family. From the liquid to the award itself, this piece tells the story of the Cisneros family, its heritage and its aura.

Like a funambulist walking a tightrope., our Cellar Master Julie Landreau has selected only two eaux-de-vie to create this unique Cognac. If the first one is an eaux-de-vie born the same decade as Gustavo Cisneros, the second one represents his daughter Adriana Cisneros. Both combined celebrate the perfect harmony between father and daughter. This unique Cognac is an ode to transmission from one generation to another.

Reflecting the Cisneros family spirit, Camus created a Cognac with a modern and contemporary style. On the nose, vibrant spices and citrus aromas perfectly mingle with delicate floral notes. At the first sip, this unique blend reveals a world of elegant complexity. The velvety texture reveals cocoas and dried fruits aromas sprinkled with spices hints.

Remise des prix Babson-Camus

Only a true piece of art could convey the story of the Cisneros family and express the complexity of the Cognac created for this occasion. Standing on a heavy aluminum pedestal, symbolizing the strength and durability, the Babson-Camus Award dedicated to the Cisneros family, represents a TV antenna surmounted by a golden brass mouth. These two strong elements emphasize the importance of media and education for this family of pioneers. The decanter echoes to the award and both of them tells the story of the Cisneros family. Adorned by a giant eye, the Baccarat decanter reveals the values and missions of both Cisneros Group and Fundacion Cisneros. This giant eye, representing all the people understood and helped by the family, is underlined by a quotation from Simon Rodriguez, a Venezuelan philosopher who fought for education.

With more than 100 hours to assemble all the pieces of this puzzle, les Ateliers Camus wanted to offer an Award exploring emotions and memories to a family with a strong impact to the Latin American communities as well as to the rest of the world.

Cognac Prix Babson-Camus

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