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Article: New Camus Cognac Gallery boutique in Hainan Haikou

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New Camus Cognac Gallery boutique in Hainan Haikou

On october 28th in Haikou, China, French Camus Cognac officially entered Hainan Haikou International Duty Free City today, creating the brand's first cognac gallery in the world with a new attitude of 621 square meters, and it is the largest boutique in the brand 's history . Store - Camus Cognac Gallery boutique , showing the unique charm of the century-old French Cognac family to China and the world. This opening also represents the French Camus Wine Group's emphasis on the Chinese market - its determination to participate in the construction of the commercial core of the new harbor area and the future commercial landmark of Haikou, presenting a more diverse and rich cognac wine experience. At the event, Eric Dew, CEO of Camus Yuanliu, and Ryan Camus, the sixth-generation family representative of Camus Cognac and Liquor Manager of Camus Wine Group in France, delivered welcome speeches. China Tourism Group CDFG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CDFG ) Deputy General Manager Zhao Feng also came to the scene and delivered a speech.

As a cognac family independently controlled by the family, French Camus, founded in 1863, has been devoted to brewing high-quality cognac, and has always adhered to the family ideal. Let the world know more about the endless wealth and soul value contained in this land.

As the guardian of this long-standing tradition, Mr. Cyril Camus, President of the French Camus Wine Group and the fifth generation descendant of the Camus family, is also committed to continuous innovation and creating the excellent quality and unique flavor of Camus Cognac. Under his management and leadership, Camus now has a distribution network covering more than 140 countries and regions around the world.

"Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Classic", the Camus Cognac family has been following this brand philosophy for 159 years . Regardless of the overlapping centuries, the five generations of family heirs have the same original intention.

Based on this original intention, the century-old Camus grandly brought the brand's first boutique in the world and the largest boutique in the brand's history - Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique, and chose to land in China and Haikou.

Eric Dew, CEO of Camu Yuanliu, said, "We are very honored to join hands with CDFG to further create the vast value of this market and explore more growth possibilities with mutual appreciation and mutual recognition. , we officially brought the world's largest boutique of Camus Cognac - Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique. With our best resources and our most trusted partner CDFG, we will continue to work hard and make great efforts for Hainan Continued development of the duty- free market contributes to this.”

To this end, Zhao Feng, deputy general manager of China Tourism Group CDFG , said, "We are very happy to welcome the Camus Cognac family to the New Harbour Duty Free City, and to open the brand's first card in the world here. Cognac Gallery Boutique . I believe Camus will bring a more diverse and high-quality consumer experience to our Haikou International Duty Free City, help us expand our influence at home and abroad, and develop a better Chinese tourism industry.”

Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique , as the world's first and largest boutique , displays the full range of Camus products and rare cognac exhibits, including the Camus Family Collection Borderies Signature, Camus Mellow Classic (Intense Classic) and Camute alcohol, etc., some of the exhibits are even more outstanding than the XO level.

In addition, there is also a Les Ateliers Camus exhibition area in the store, which displays the selection of the Camus family - the Cuvee Masterpiece Collection, the Private Collection and the special card. A bespoke limited edition cognac at the Moulin Gallery boutique. As a Cognac family that remains independent and family-run, Camus was awarded a "Vibrant Heritage Enterprise" (EPV) by the French government in 2017, symbolizing that it has handicrafts and industrial technologies that represent the image of French manufacturing, and is well-known with other well- known companies. French companies come together to help French craftsmanship shine.

For Camus, art and craftsmanship are on a par, and the combination of the two is crucial. Therefore, Camus officially established Les Ateliers Camus in 2018, in order to draw a precedent for the concept of couture cognac, and customize each bottle of rare cognac for consumers in the way of art creation, passing on and share their life stories and life philosophy.

In addition, in the Camus Cognac Gallery boutique, there are also many special consumer experience areas, such as the Camus "Mixing Master Class", which is specially tailored for customers who are keen to create personalized cognacs. Four types of eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region, Petite Champagne region, high-quality forest region and Boutenie region of France are selected. Consumers can mix and match here, and give the eaux -de-vie's unique taste and heart according to their own preferences . Customize your own cognac and feel the unique charm.

Ryan Camus, the sixth-generation family representative of the Camus Cognac family and the liquor manager of the French Camus Wine Group, specially mentioned, "The Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique, as our first Cognac gallery in the world , and is the largest boutique in the history of Camus , aiming to bring consumers an immersive Cognac experience and set a model of exclusive customization for the group. With the brand philosophy of "life", we have specially developed a number of exclusive Camus new products for our partner CDFG, which are exclusively sold in Haikou International Duty Free City, hoping to make Camus Cognac Gallery a benchmark in the global duty-free industry. , and pay tribute to the deep cooperative relationship with CDFG for many years.”

On the other hand, for the brand VIP guests, two separate VIP rooms are opened to provide exclusive customized services. The text or patterns that customers like are displayed on the wine bottle, so that Camus Cognac can be a commemoration and a gift for the card. Mu's loyal cognac connoisseur, better experience the luxury and unique live experience.

With a total area of 621 square meters, it continues the classic French luxury style of Camus Cognac. Whether it is sight, smell or taste, Camus brings travelers a multi-dimensional immersive sensory feast, opening a journey of discovery in the world of Cognac.

Store Information:

L1-12-Y Haikou International Duty Free City (No. 5 Haise Road, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province)

About Camus Wine Group

As a cognac family independently controlled by the family, Camus, founded in 1863, has been devoted to brewing high-quality cognac, and has always adhered to the family ideal, so that the world can realize the endless wealth and soul value contained in this land. Adhering to the concept of "Living Tradition" (classic reproduction), Camus ensures that every bottle of cognac is of superior quality, and has attracted many third-party brands of excellent quality to join.

About Camu Yuanliu

Camus Yuanliu is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French Camus Wine Group in China. As one of the well-known wholly foreign-owned high-end liquor products trading companies in China, Camu Yuanliu is mainly engaged in the import and marketing of high-quality spirits in the Chinese market. It is headquartered in Shanghai and has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. , established a nationwide sales and distribution network. Today, Camus Yuanliu has built an international wine industry group structure consisting of cognac, whisky, vodka, aperitif, liqueur, gin and many other categories.

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