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Article: Le Cocktail Solidaire by CAMUS

Le Cocktail Solidaire par CAMUS

Le Cocktail Solidaire by CAMUS


A fundraising initiative to support bar economy in France

The restaurant sector, and a fortiori that of bars, is hard impacted by the current health crisis.

As an independent family house engaged in the world of mixology, Camus wanted to support the activity of the bars affected by Covid-19.

For this reason, since the beginning of the lockdown we launched a fundraising campaign called Le Cocktail Solidaire, open to any French bar.

To participate, bars have only to register and offer a cocktail recipe via a LiveStream on Facebook, inviting their fanbase to make a donation on the official page

This mechanism allows each bar to preserve its cash flow and thereby protect the jobs of the most

Affected. As promoter of this fundraising, CAMUS COGNAC has taken the commitment to make a first donation of € 5,000 and donate an additional € 300 for each bar wishing to participate in the initiative.

So far, 12 bars across France have participated to the initiative, with 10.000€ collected during the past LiveStreams.

If you wish to make a donation to support our initiative, you can click on this link/

Follow our feed on FB and IG to stay updated with the next LiveStreams.

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