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CAMUS COGNAC CUVÉE 4.186 ELECTRUM (70cl / 41,7%)

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CAMUS COGNAC CUVÉE 4.186 ELECTRUM (70cl / 41,7%) Sale price€12,800.00

enter the electrum universe

This vintage, the seventh of the name called 4.186, is a blend of 4 eaux-de-vie that are both powerful and complex.
and elegant. The mysterious 186 of its name corresponds to the sum of the years of aging of the cognacs.

Electrum as the alloy of gold and silver used by the Romans to mint their currency. Called green gold, when it comes from the hand of man, the alloy is then composed of 58.3% gold, 32.5% silver, 9% copper and 0.2% zinc.
Guided by this composition, Julie Landreau, our Cellar Master, created a unique blend whose proportions are similar to those of the precious alloy.

a box and a carafe

The box houses the iconic decanter designed by Serge Mansau for CAMUS and manufactured by BACCARAT. For Cuvée 4.186, it is decorated with a golden fret which recalls the color of electrum. It fits perfectly inside the box, in a location designed like a mold of its imprint. The box of the Cuvée 4.186 Electrum is decorated with an engraved stone facestone engraved with a quote from Virgil (70-19 BCE).

To magnify this unique blend, Cyril Camus wanted to highlight the long history of the land where the family business has been growing since 1863, spanning the centuries and linking the past and the present. The cultivation of vines in the Borderies dates back to Gallo-Roman antiquity, a time when men and women, goods and pieces of electrum circulated on the Via Agrippa.
It is therefore quite natural that the goldsmiths of Ateliers Camus, in collaboration with French artisans, designed a box opening along a line reproducing the route of the Via Agrippa, from Lyon to Saintes. Making the bold choice of mixing several materials with each other, here metal, a material at the service of modernity, meets crystal and stone, ancestral materials par excellence.

taste profile


The magnificent amber color with golden highlights lets you imagine the personality of this unique blend, without artifice.

taste profile


On the nose, complex and rich, notes of nuts and dried fruits are revealed. Then come gourmet and buttery notes accompanied by rancio for an exceptional olfactory journey.

taste profile


On the palate, the round attack of this blend of 4 cognacs gives way to notes of wood and spices and offers us a wonderful length in the mouth to prolong this historical and organoleptic journey.

unique know-how

Mixing floral and gourmet brandies, fruity and spicy brandies, Julie Landreau, cellar master of Maison CAMUS, carefully develops her recipes. Each drop is counted, married, so that the most expressive, the most exceptional cognacs are born; sine qua non condition for the production of our vintages.

the camus workshops

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the camus workshops

Considering cognac and its tasting as one of the fine arts, the Ateliers Camus' mission is to create exceptional pieces. This is demonstrated by their new collection, in turn placed under the sign of poetry, nature and travel.



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