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Camus wanted to pay tribute to the most elegant and refined animals of the animal kingdom, birds, by inviting the designer Janaïna Milheiro to combine her mastery of feather art with Camus cognacs.

The finest tradition of French design has always been inspired by the wonders of creative Nature, and no creature is more beautiful and inspiring than the bird.

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COGNAC POETS & BIRDS - GRUE Sale price€38,000.00

Poets & Birds

In the manner of the poet who sculpts and chisels words to arrange his sonnets, the Parisian artist adorns nine jugs with feathers which she transforms into Japanese Cranes, Scarlet Ibis and Phoenix. And Maison Camus has composed a series of bottles inspired by these emblematic birds, by selecting and assembling cognacs according to their age and typicality.

The highest tradition of French creation has always been inspired by the wonders of creative Nature, and no beast is more beautiful and inspiring than the bird.

With Poets & Birds, artistic craftsmanship comes together and offers a magical, twirling creation, which echoes the refinement of Maison CAMUS.


Cranes are large wading birds, among the most elegant birds in the world with an imposing wingspan of almost two meters. Janaïan Milhero's work poetically suggests the graceful movements of these birds, particularly at the time of courtship, when couples perform jumps and curtsies to celebrate the love and fidelity of which they are the symbols.

Three bottles of cognac were composed by adjusting black and white feathers to a crystal body, inspired by the balance, movement, and dance of cranes.

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The mahogany color with topaz reflections encourages contemplation of the 4 cognacs making up this “Borderies single cru cognac”, a confidential vintage particularly appreciated by master blenders.

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A fine, concentrated and distinguished nose, developing lovely notes of heady flowers and fresh fruit, in a subtle blend of exoticism and classicism.
The woody notes shine with their elegance and the spices ensure a fast and lively tempo, testifying to the complexity of a Borderies cognac made from the Ugni Blanc grape variety.

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The palate has a very smooth feel, its skin-deep minerality underlines the presence of the Colombard grape variety.
Elegant and compact, the palate initially oscillates between candied citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) and ripe fruits (pear, apricot).

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In a long, deep finish where the fruits have dehydrated (plum, apricot) the exotic fruits (Banana, pineapple) provide a creamy interlude.
The indefinable charm of “Folle Blanche”, a mixture of sweetness and firmness, operates immediately when the spices (Szechuan pepper) and red tea reappear. Pure pleasure!

“Maison Camus has imagined with the Brazilian artist Janaïna Milhero a poetic, airy, graceful collection.“


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