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Ateliers Camus has selected this collection of pieces from the most prestigious French tableware Houses to turn your tasting experiences into unforgettable memories.

This pack contains:

  • 1 HARMONIE SQUARE DECANTER - BACCARAT: The Harmonie decanter in clear crystal stands like a crystal column, at once understated and elegant. The classic shape with delicate engraved lines creates a play on texture that produces a stunning effect.
  • 1 SILVER-PLATED SQUARE TRAY - K+T - CHRISTOFLE: This refined and elegant tray is decorative tableware par excellence.
  • 2 HARMONIE TUMBLERS - BACCARAT: Consecutive parallel cuts travel cleanly along the Clear crystal grazing the tumbler from its lip all the way down to its thick base. These lines emphasize the verticality of the tumbler as you sip your quality spirits and mixed drinks.
  • 2 SILVER-PLATED COASTERS - K+T - CHRISTOFLE: Adding a decorative touch to your cocktail table, these beautiful coasters will also protect it from spills.
  • 1 HAVANA CRYSTAL ASHTRAY - BACCARAT: Perfectly suited for an office or home, the repetition of crystal grooves in this handsome object also features a double space to rest your favorite Cohiba or Montecristo. A bold and modern design inspired from Baccarat's archives, the Havana ashtray can also be used to hold keepsakes and jewelry.

Our perfect match suggestion with this set: CAMUS COGNAC EXTRA or a CAMUS COGNAC EXTRA DARK & INTENSE (not included in the set).