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Savour the smoothness of a perfect French Connection cocktail at home like in the best bars of the world!

The French Connection is one of the easiest cocktails in the world, and yet a most sophisticated one that is a lot more than the sum of its parts : 50% Cognac, 50% Amaretto, for a stylish slow-sipper !

A proper French Connection requires a very aromatic Cognac and a dry Amaretto, in order to guarantee a good balance of sweet and roasted notes.

We twisted the recipe, pairing the iodine-rich notes of Ile de Ré Fine Island with Amaretto Adriatico, crafted with handpicked Italian almonds and a pinch of salt !

And now we offer you a complete kit to create your perfect French Connection cocktail at home:

You just need ice and that's it!

Create up to 14 cocktails with your French Connection Kit.

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