The perfect Sidecar Cocktail Kit at Home

How many times have we wanted to make a cocktail at home exactly like the ones we have enjoyed in the best bars we have visited: not somewhere in between, exactly the same! But sometimes we lack the professional equipment, or the right ingredients, or we don't know the secrets of the perfect recipe. At a time when many bars are closed, at CAMUS we have been working on a ready-to-use solution to easily create one of the most iconic Cognac-based cocktails at home: The Perfect Sidecar.

The legendary cocktail created at Harry's New York Bar in Paris requires a few simple ingredients, but we must start with an Intensely Aromatic Cognac: CAMUS Very Special for example, with its fresh fruity notes deriving from the high concentration of esters. Together with our Cognac we have combined a Triple Sec with sweet citrus notes - that of DeKuyper - and a fresh lemon. We have included a professional shaker and a manual with the secrets to create the cocktail at its perfection, step by step. All this packaged in a ready-to-use box that allows you to make up to 14 cocktails at a truly unbeatable price.

Whether it's a gift for Christmas or a treat for yourself, this box will allow you to become an authentic master of the art of mixology.

Our Sidecar Kit is produced in a limited edition of 600 pieces, available now by following this link: