Given the absolute uniqueness of its aromas and ageing process, this cognac from the last vineyards of Saint-Aulaye, finished in Monbazillac casks, will delight wine and spirits connoisseurs seeking to broaden their repertoire with innovative cognac expressions and cognac lovers looking for mono-cru products and small batch editions. The harvest of two plots of Colombard - a rare grape variety renowned for offering fruity eaux-de-vie – is entrusted to the House of CAMUS by the town council of Saint-Aulaye. As for all the cognacs in the CAMUS range, the wines are distilled in small pot stills of 25 hl with their lees, in order to retain the highest concentration of aromas.

The primary ageing takes place, as per CAMUS traditional style, in fine grain small casks, this time specially chosen from the woods of La Double. These casks are lightly toasted and kept low in tannin content, to generate subtle oaky notes in the aged cognac and to allow a perfect balance of floral and fruity flavors to develop. The ageing takes place in one of the towers of Saint-Aulaye castle, monument built by the Lords of Saint-Aulaye, dating back to the XIth century. The cognac is then transferred in first-fill Monbazillac sweet wine casks of 225-liter capacity. These small casks allow a better interaction between the cognac and the wood to reveal sweet and smooth notes of Monbazillac in a topaz yellow amber robe.


Thanks to this finishing technique, the aromatic profile of the final cognac is rich and distinctive, offering dried fruits, sweet spices and orange peel, highlighted by refined notes of roasted coffee bean. The hints of tropical fruits combined with floral accents, in a soft and smooth texture, recall the typical aromatic profile found in Monbazillac wines.