Ernesto Bertarelli is recognized as first recipient of Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award during Babson Connect Worldwide 2021


Babson College, the global leader in entrepreneurship education, in partnership with CAMUS Cognac, operated by fifth-generation head and Babson alumnus Cyril Camus, announces the first ever Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award. This prestigious award recognizes one highly distinguished and uniquely impactful business family that has created significant economic and social value across generations while exemplifying Babson College values. The criteria for the award are based on achieving impact and demonstrating values-based entrepreneurship. Careful consideration is given to the demonstration of excellence in the following areas: Entrepreneurship and Economic Value Creation, Social Value Creation, Family Value System as a Driver of Impact.

The award was presented today at a special ceremony during Babson Connect Worldwide 2021, Babson College’s premier entrepreneurial summit that is designed to empower learners to create lasting economic and social value for themselves, their enterprises, their communities, and the world.

Ernesto Bertarelli, of Waypoint Capital, will be the first Babson-Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award recipient. Waypoint has investments ranging from commercial real estate in London to pharmaceutical companies. The Bertarelli family has a history of supporting life sciences and marine conservation through their Bertarelli Foundation.

Cyril Camus - Fifth-generation head of CAMUS Cognac and Babson alumnus 

“We wanted to recognize a family business that shares the same core values as both Camus and Babson College. My family has owned and operated CAMUS Cognac since 1863 so we understand the level of dedication and communication that comes with running a family business. We hope this special award celebrates the unique value Ernesto and the Bertarelli Family have contributed to our global economy.”

Ernesto Bertarelli - CEO of Waypoint Capital

“I’m humbled to be the first to receive this award. Thank you to Babson and Camus for recognizing my family’s commitment to living our values and driving impact across our business through our Foundation.”

Lauri Union - Nulsen Family Executive Director of the Institute for Family Entrepreneurship at Babson College

“Entrepreneurial families contribute over 70% of the global GDP. It is no exaggeration to say that families such as the Bertarelli’s are one of the greatest forces for creating economic and social value on the planet. At Babson, we believe that by first building a foundation of strong family relationships and self-reflectivity, the capacity of these families to create value of all kinds can be greatly amplified. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded families who can learn together and support each other to achieve these goals. Ernesto Bertarelli ’89 and his family serve as outstanding role models, and for this reason, we are thrilled to present the Bertarelli Family with the inaugural Babson Camus Global Family Entrepreneurship Award for their tremendous economic and social impact.”


For the first Babson-Camus Family Entrepreneurship Award, Cyril Camus, current head of the House of CAMUS and a Babson Alumni, commissioned a unique piece to celebrate the Bertarelli family. From life science to biotechnology, through their philanthropic initiatives in the fields of charity, health, science, sports and culture, the story and spirit of this family are a true inspiration for this piece of art. 

Only the Roman goddess Minerva could have embodied such a diversity and profusion of activities. Only Minerva, goddess of wisdom, medicine, commerce, handicrafts, poetry, and art, could have symbolized the numerous contributions of the Bertarelli family to our world. 

To bring to life this source of inspiration, CAMUS has partnered with les Fontes de Mars, a French company based on the Ancient Tin Road in Ardèche. This human-sized company is perpetuating traditional techniques and know-how while innovating through their choice of materials.

Specialized in the low-melting casting pewter, they created an astonishing piece, combining gold-plated pewter and marble. This golden olive tree glorifier, symbol of Minerva is rooted to a green marble pedestal, an icon of solid foundation and long-lasting businesses. 

The bespoke crystal decanter at the center of this art piece is made by Baccarat.

The very rare vintage carefully selected for this unique piece is a 1971 Reserve. This 50 years old Cognac is a tribute to Babson legacy as well as a celebration of all the families passing down a unique know-how from one generation to the next. 


COLOUR: amber with golden reflections

NOSE: Notes of rancio, nuts, cinnamon and dried fruits. Good balance between light woody notes and lavish aromas of candied orange.

PALATE: Creamy and buttery aromas followed by spicy notes with a liquorice finish. Soft and smooth aftertaste.




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