Cocktail - Le French Connection

The French Connection

What is the French Connection? The French connection cocktail is an alcoholic beverage, made with cognac and amaretto, usually served after dinner or as a nightcap. It is meant to be sipped slowly as the combination of cognac and amaretto make it considerably strong. Although it is one of the easiest cocktails to make, it is also one of the most sophisticated. It is made of: 50% Cognac, 50% Amaretto, for a stylish slow-sipper.
Maison Camus - La dernière Maison d’excellence familiale et indépendante

Maison Camus - The last independent House of Cognac

Founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus, CAMUS has always highly valued its freedom, cherishing the family character of the business and hence preserving its independence. Five generations have each taken over from its predecessors to establish the reputation of CAMUS, decade after decade, with one shared conviction: to pass on its passion, heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence.

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