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ANGELS SECRETS - February 10th, 2022 at Visitor Center, Cognac

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Date: Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Place: Visitor Center, Cognac

Price: €175 (minimum 2 pers)

Located on the heights of Cognac, the historic district of origin and storage of the Camus house, Chai n°3 is a must for all cognac enthusiasts.
In an authentic 19th century winery, under the two hundred-year-old beams, angels collect their share in a mysterious and magical way. At CAMUS the «part of the angels» takes on another meaning: «The Art of Refining Tradition».

An Art of Refining Tradition that I propose to share with you during a dinner where Cognac sublimates gastronomy through a menu written with 4 hands by our Ambassador – former Cellar Master – and our Chef.
You will discover the different phases of aging of a cognac and will be initiated to the tasting of a cognac «rassis».
An unforgettable experience in emotions, sharing and culture in the world of CAMUS cognacs.

Cyril Camus