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Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Cinnamon and Coffee

Selected for their amino acids, the eaux-de-vie that make up this Cognac are aged in the center of our cellars in order to encourage oxidation that develops the intensity of the spiciest flavors.

A very nice exercise in olfactory balance between the warm spices created by the charm of a black pepper and the fresh spices created by the subtlety of a Cochin cardamom.

Somewhere between elegance and impertinence, this double-faceted cognac seduces the palate, as much by the distinctiveness of the ginger as by the mischievousness of the nutmeg.

Personalize this iconic bottle to suit your tastes.

Modern and elegant, this 70cl bottle is used by our Cellar Master to preserve all the aromatic variations that she creates in her continuous search for the most perfect refinement. Add your own touch to make it reflect your personality and make your tastings and gifts even more exceptional.

  1. Start by choosing the aromatic accent that best suits the person for whom this Cognac will be made: Floral, Fruity, Spicy 
  2. Select the color of the label, the cork, and the braid
  3. Finally, add the name of the person who is going to enjoy this unique Cognac

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