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Advanced level “Committed to CSR” label

In November 2022, Camus la Grande Marque earned the advanced level “Committed to CSR” label. With an overall score of 659 out of 1,000, we are proud to have displayed our commitment and the maturity of our approach through this demanding AFNOR label. The Committed to CSR label is more than a diagnosis and a statement of intent. Through an on-site audit and interviews with our outside stakeholders, all of our dealings and activities have been analysed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 26000 Standard. It’s a challenging and motivating framework that enables Camus to move forward and respond collectively to sustainable development issues.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)

Since 2016, Camus la Grande Marque has carried the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label.

Each day, our organisation proudly contributes to outstanding French expertise with this label, the sole state-endorsed distinction associated with the recognition of exceptional expertise; it rewards French companies that excel in traditional and industrial craftsmanship (renewal in 2023).

ISO 9001

Looking for meaning and excellence, our customer is our priority and Camus is committed to providing them with an authentic and responsible experience. We are committed to offering high quality products with high standards from design to production. In this regard, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are, for our organisation, long-standing priorities that qualify us each year for ISO 9001 certification.