@ralfster91, about the Cognac Return To Saint-Aulaye

By Ralf Van den Bergen, Instagram account owner @ralfster91


I never imagined this cognac would deliver such a wonderful experience. 

I had the opportunity to taste a wide range of Camus Cognacs and knew I was in for a treat when opening my sample of Return to Saint-Aulaye

On the first sip I noticed right away that this Cognac was something different.

The Fruitiness hits you first and is followed by a nutty finish covered in spices. 

The spices are so subtle that every sip makes you discover something you had not tasted before.  

What stands out most is the spicy and nutty aftertaste that keeps lingering in your mouth.  

This Cognac is truly a work of art that any connoisseur, looking for the finer things in life, will enjoy.

It pairs perfectly well with a good Cuban cigar and will send you on a wonderful journey of tasting and enjoyment. 

There is such a wide variety of flavours packed in this beautiful Cognac...

I highly recommend this special edition from Camus due to its complexity and would rate it 4,5 out of 5 stars.