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Article: Check out our new limited edition cognac: Dark & Stormy

Découvrez notre tout nouveau cognac en édition limitée : Dark & Stormy

Check out our new limited edition cognac: Dark & Stormy

Dark & Stormy is a cognac like no other, born on Ile de Ré from the patience of man and the impetuosity of Nature, with a highly distinctive marine character, that can only be produced when nature is at its most temperamental.

Located within the westernmost edge of the Cognac Appellation Contrôlée region, Île de Ré is composed of limestone and sandy soils naturally enriched with salt after centuries of fertilization with kelp from the Atlantic Ocean. This is why the cognacs produced on the island offer a unique olfactory and gustatory experience: roundness, minerality, vigor, and freshness are the most striking characteristics.

On very rare occasions, a major storm carries ocean water as far as the vineyards in the interior of the island, temporarily saturating the soil with salt and minerals. The grapes harvested in those years contribute to the production of a cognac with an even more unusual marine character. including cognacs from Île de Ré grapes harvested in the year of the great storm of 2010 in its blend, Camus Dark & Stormy offers the unique sensory experience of an exceptional cognac that can only be produced very rarely in a century.

Tasting Notes:


Rich and salty, with a fresh marine register. 


A vigorous and completely natural increase in power toward rich mineral notes.


Suave with fine iodine notes.

Find our cognac Camus Dark & Stormy on our website.

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