A vertical tasting at home

One of the best ways to discover the evolution of the aromatic intensity in our range is to run a vertical tasting of our products.

The floral aromas - deriving from the high concentration of terpenes - are fresh and vegetal in our VSOP but become more pungent and spicy with the aromatic evolution of our XO or Extra.

The fruity aromas - generated by the high strength of the esters - are fresh and exotic in the VSOP, but turn towards more complex, buttery aromas with the maturation of the XO until reaching sensations of candied fruit with the Extra.

The use of fine-grained and only lightly toasted barrels allows to preserve a certain freshness of the aromas during aging: slightly roasted notes emerge in the VSOP, while the XO and the Extra have more intense aromas of cocoa and vanilla.

Tasting the 3 products one after the other, having the chance to go back and forth in order to appreciate the different nuances of the comparison between the liquids, it's a great opprtunity to understand how the different steps of the production process influence in a tangible way the aromas in the glass.

In case you don't have the opportunity to book a vertical tasting at our workshop in Cognac, why not replicate the same experience at home by purchasing our miniset: 3 samples of our VSOP, XO and Extra at an affordable price to decide your own favorite Cognac before buying a whole bottle.

Get your Miniset now by following the link https://camus.fr/collections/intensely-aromatic/products/camus-cognac-mini-set-collection-vsop-xo-extra