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With the purchase of a mini-set, get access to a VIP tasting, through a Webinar with Frédéric Dezauzier, Ambassador of the House of CAMUS, on December 10th 2020.
A glass of cognac in your hand, deep dive into the secrets of this wonderful spirit, for 30 minutes of discovery and learning! More details

CAMUS core range offers an unrivaled intensity of aromas thanks to a unique production process based on the exclusive use of unfiltered wines and on a selection of the first liters, with the highest  esters content, during distillation. Explore the most intense Cognacs in the category.

1x5CL - The VSOP with the deepest floral aromas in the category. Featuring in its blend some of the best eaux-de-vie from the Borderies Cru, our VSOP distinguishes itself for the high level of Terpenols, resulting into unmatched scents of fine flowers.

1x5CL - The XO with the best balance between fruity notes and wood components in the category. Uniquely distilled with the instensity method, selecting the most aromatic litres among the heads during the second distillation, our XO is an explosion of lavish fruity notes mingled with spices.

1x5CL - The EXTRA a luxury Cognac from a blend of extremely rare eaux de vie. In the 1970s Michel CAMUS conceived and created a new style of cognac for him and his friends and named it CAMUS EXTRA. A new standard for luxury cognac was born.